Our Vision

is to see a unified church serving a thriving Milwaukee


You’ve likely heard the statistic - Milwaukee is one of the most segregated cities in America. This segregation doesn’t just exist racially, it also exists among the churches and ministries and non-profits of Milwaukee. One ministry doesn’t know what the other ministry is doing.

Imagine if a symphony functioned this way. Even extremely gifted musicians cannot perform their parts without reference to others. This should not be true of the church in Milwaukee. After all, Jesus is the one who prayed to the Father that believers would “be brought to complete unity” so that the world may know Jesus (John 17:23).


Milwaukee Believes exists to help unite the Church, so that we can both communicate and demonstrate the gospel to the city. Our vision is to see a unified church serving a thriving Milwaukee. This heartbeat finds its roots in the Bible where God calls his people to be united in purpose (Phil 2:1-2), and God wants his people to seek the prosperity of their city (Jer 29:7).

In other words, we strive to support the church in Milwaukee to move from playing solo acts to performing a beautiful symphony together with God as the conductor. A symphony that brings together the body of Christ in churches, non-profits, businesses, and more, in unique and powerful ways.

THE HOW: A Unified Harmony

We do this by serving as a neutral convener in the following ways:

  • Prayer: Stimulating prayer - asking God that His will be done in Milwaukee.
  • Connect: Providing venues that bring ambassadors of change together in strategic ways.
  • Communicate: Mapping organizations advancing the common good in the city.
  • Celebrate: Sharing stories of where God is at work in the city.

The social and spiritual problems in Milwaukee are complex and deeply entrenched. But we know that if the church in Milwaukee prays for and seeks the prosperity of the city together, a unified harmony among churches will emerge and the city will prosper.

Please join us in uniting the church to serve a thriving Milwaukee.

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